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Personalized Care for All Your Accounting Needs

New Business Owner

Safdar, CPA helps a new business owner with an affordable, integrated management information system, record keeping, budgeting, cash flow, time management, and much more!


Integrated management information system

  • Save time from keying in the same information over and over in different computer programs.
  • Select an accounting and management computer application that will allow you to spend less time on management, but rather more time on customer service and production

Record Keeping

  • Utilize a local area network with computer server and workstations that may be desktop computers or mobile devices, which will allow you to stay connected and have information updated in real time.

  • Scan vendor invoices as PDF files attached to payment vouchers, which will allow you to save time when looking for them in the future

  • An offsite second computer server will allow you to backup all your important data and information in real time. If one server stops working, you will be able to continue your work with the backup server.



  • Budget income and expenses in order to be a successful new business owner

  • Plan for capital investments

  • Prepare a budget that can adjust according to the demand of your product or service

  • Businesses lose money because they are not flexible to make the above adjustments fast enough

  • Make commitments that you are sure of honoring


Cash Flow

  • Create a cash flow based on expected receipts and expenditure

Time management

  • Allocate your time wisely in order to make the most use out of the 24 hours in a day

New Business Owner: Service
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