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Business Management

Business Management

We will work with you to advise and develop appropriate business management skills suitable for your business monitoring:

  •      Develop worksite production and manufacturing layouts

  •      Adjust operation costs with current sales and service revenues

  •      Determine financial projections and forecasts for future time periods


No two businesses are alike. Each business requires a unique and personal template to their current    situation that will satisfy the operating costs while decreasing the variable costs. Our focus is to minimize the required fixed costs for daily operation and decrease day-to-day variable costs

Business Startup & Planning

Starting a business is a big decision which requires serious planning. If you are thinking about starting a business venture, sitting down and creating a focused plan with a professional CPA beforehand can save you time, energy and money in the long run. We can help you in all the following areas:

  •     Product or service pricing

  •     Business viability

  •     Sales driven budgeting

  •     Applying for business loans

  •     Selecting a record keeping system that fits your needs

  •     Choosing appropriate accounting software

  •     Selecting cash vs. accrual accounting

  •     Employee benefits, pension and retirement planning

Business Management: Service
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