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Whether you are considering starting a new business or are an established business owner, let us  handle your bookkeeping, recordkeeping and more.  Let us help you save time by taking care of your records, while you work on making your business the best it can be. Bookkeeping no longer has to be a stress inducing task when we do it for you. At Safdar CPA we will keep your records neat and accesible, so you can access it at anytime you need. We can help you in all the following areas:

  • Monthly income and expense reports

  • Establish paper trails

  • Establish internal controls

  • Design a chart of accounts

  • Design your general ledger

  • Organize vendor bills and invoices to customers

  • Real time data capture

  • Monthly bank reconciliation

  • Staff payroll

  • Payroll return filings

  • Inventory management

  • Customer billing

Bookkeeping: Service
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